Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 6: Workout & Sportswear

Simplified 365 - Clothes Day 6: Workout Wear & Sportswear

Today we will be tackling your workout and sportswear. 

Set that timer for 20 and gather all of your workout and sportswear on your bed. Don’t forget to check the garage for sportswear, I often find an old softball shirt or this year’s golf shirts  and gloves down there in clients’ homes. 

Sort like items together.  Sports bras here, yoga pants there.  Once they are sorted, separate your favorites off over to the side.  It’s time to question the rest:

  • Do I still play this sport?
  • Is it permanently sweat stained?
  • Do I even like yoga?
  • Do I need 15 sports bras when I only wear 2 per week?
  • Could I start my own sports store with all of these clothes?
  • Do these fit? 
  • Do I need these spandex shorts now that I only wear loose ones for running? 
  • Do I have room for this many? 

Pare these down to what fits in one drawer.  Chances are you can fit 7 tops and 7 bottoms in that one drawer quite comfortably.  That's a new pair for each day of the week. 


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