Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 5: Sleepwear

Simplified 365 - Clothes Day 5: Sleepware

Today we are sorting through your sleepwear.  Set that timer for 20 and gather all of your sleepwear onto your bed.  

Sort it into tops and bottoms.  Once you’ve done that, set aside any that are your actual favorites. 


Time to see how many you need:

  • Do you wear the same thing a few nights in a row?  
  • Do you wear something new every night?
  • Do you only sleep in your underwear yet have 10 pairs of PJs? 
  • Do you only sleep in tank tops and boxers, yet have 15 t-shirts you’re saving just in case you want to sleep in them?
  • Are your PJs ragged and worn out?
  • Do you do laundry once a week, but have 21 pairs of PJs just in case you run out of clean ones?
  • Do you have one small drawer to store them in, yet it’s always overflowing?

Do the initial paring down, and see how the rest fit in your drawer.  If it’s still too stuffed, another pair or 6 may need to go.  Ideally you will have fewer than 6 pairs of PJs. If you wear the same thing several nights in a row, you could even get away with as few as 3 pairs. 


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