Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 30: Organizing the Accessories

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 30: Organizing the Accessories30.png

I know you’ve already pared down your accessories, but I encourage you to take another critical look at them as you’re organizing them. 

The options for organizing them are myriad, but I have found that if there is a manageable amount, a jewelry box for the watches, bracelets, and earrings, plus a “jewelry tree” for the necklaces seems to suffice.  Jewelry gets out of hand quite quickly, so really, it can’t be stressed enough to only keep the pieces you love.

Other cute options include:

  • Framing a piece of screen and hanging earrings through it (the long hook style, not the ones with a post and back)
  • Using a dish on your dresser for the daily use jewelry and watches
  • Framing a piece of wood and putting teacup hooks on it at 1 inch intervals from which to hang jewelry
  • Using a bulletin board square to push post earrings into (will need a separate jar to keep backs)
  • Having a ring holder and only having the rings that fit on it 
  • Using a toolbox to store jewelry (large items in the bottom, small ones in the tray)
  • Using a large, standing tool chest to store jewelry
  • 2 hooks or nails inside the closet for your belts
  • Nails on the wall inside the closet for hats
  • A bin or basket on the shelf to store hats

If you Google or search Pinterest, you’ll find examples of all of those options.  Eventually, I’ll post photos here of them. 


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