Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 29: Organizing the Dresser (Part 2)

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 29: Organizing the Dresser (Part 2)

Today we’re working on t-shirts, tank tops, PJs and anything else you may want to store in your drawers.

I recommend choosing a half drawer for tees and a half of a drawer for tanks.  You can use a bamboo drawer divider if you like.  I find folding shirts however you normally fold them, then folding them again top to bottom as many times as possible makes shirts the ideal size to store horizontally in a drawer; rather than layering them on top of each other.  This allows you to see exactly what you have, rather than having to ruffle through piles. They make a nice little packet that you can stand vertically in the drawer.  Once they are all folded, move on to your PJ tops, and then your PJ bottoms, folding them as you normally do, then continue folding them in half until they also make little packets.  Now put your shirts together, one after the other, then the pants.  For bonus points, put them in color order starting with black, moving on to white and then to the rest of the colors. 

Now it’s time to figure out what else you need to store in a drawer.  I personally keep my travel items in the bottom drawer of my dresser.  Regardless, just remember that the space you have is the space you have.  If you too decide to keep your travel items in your bottom drawer, then use that as the limiting factor for how many travel items you can keep. If they don’t fit, it’s time to pare down.  This applies to anything you keep there.



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