Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 28: Organizing the Dresser (Part 1)

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 28: Organizing the Dresser (Part 1)

The next two days we will be whipping your dresser (or closet drawers) into shape. Today we will focus on socks, underwear, and athletic wear.  Consider dividing the top drawer in your dresser in 3 with bamboo drawer dividers.  You will have 1/3 of the drawer for socks, 1/3 for bras and 1/3 for panties.  Or half socks and half boxers if that’s your thing.  

I put my socks away by laying one of a pair on top of the other, folding them in half, then in half again.  I place them horizontally in the drawer so that each one is visible.  It’s only a pain the first time you do it.  After that, you’ll only be putting a few pairs away at a time when you do laundry.  

Then fold your underwear one half in to the middle, the other half in to the middle and then over in half.  They should form nice little packets that can be stored vertically so that each pair is visible.  Again, only a pain the first time you do it.  

Onward to bras, just get them in the drawer in some manner that looks neat.  Different bras and different sizes all fold differently, so just keep playing with yours until you find a style of folding that looks good with the ones you have.  

Now it’s time to fold the athletic wear.  Fold your shirts as you normally do, then keep folding them down in half until they make a nice little packet that you can stand vertically in the drawer.  Once they are all folded, fold your workout pants as you normally do, then continue folding them in half until they also make little packets.  Now put your shirts together, one after the other, then the pants.  For bonus points, put them in color order starting with black, moving on to white and then to the rest of the colors. 


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