Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 27: Organizing the Shoes

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 27: Organizing the Shoes

Oh shoes.  While some people posting about minimal wardrobes have managed to pair down to a couple of pairs of shoes, I have yet to join their ranks and I won’t yell at you if you have more than 3 pairs. I know you’ve already sorted them and tossed the ones that hurt and that you don’t like, but I’d like you to give them one more quick look.  Pull them all out and make sure there aren’t any more pairs you’re hanging on to because you “spent good money” even though they are absolutely miserable or ugly? Just checking.  Now’s the time to donate them and let them torture someone else…er, help, someone else.

Once you’ve gone over them again, it’s time to vacuum or wipe down the closet floor.  

Done? Let’s organize them. 

If you have a  manageable number, they can often simply be stored on the floor, no fancy shoe racks needed. I personally can fit 8 pairs of shoes on my half of the closet floor, plus 5 pairs up on the top shelf.  I suppose the ones up there are my fancy, top shelf shoes anyway, so that works.  If you have an entire closet to yourself, that’s at least 16 pairs of shoes and probably closer to 20 you can store on the floor.  

If floor space is just not an option, a back of the door shoe organizer can be great for walk-in closet doors, but not bedroom doors. If the rack and shoes are visible in the bedroom, it begins to look messy and disorganized.  Store shoes sole to sole. If you’re going to insist on a shoe rack for the floor, stick with the small square cubby hole style, verses the double shelf type.  You can fit more in and they look neater.  Store shoes sole to sole here as well, to keep them clean.  

A few other notes.  If you always wear the same pair or two shoes out, keeping them by the front door can make life easier.  If you only go hiking once in a while, have the hiking boots live in the back corners of the closet or in the garage with the camping and sports equipment.  Same goes for sports shoes, they should be kept with the rest of your gear. 

That’s it for the shoes, tomorrow we’ll be moving on to organizing the dresser. 


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