Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 26: Organizing the Closet (Part 3)

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 26: Organizing the Closet (Part 3)

Now for the fun part! The finishing touches.  

The first thing that really pulls a closet together is matching hangers. Don’t believe me? Pull up your favorite Pinterest closets, browse an HGTV magazine or head to your local clothing store. Now that you’re a believer, I’d recommend wood hangers for coats (an 8 pack can be had for less than $5 at IKEA), metal skirt hangers, and thin velvet hangers in cream for the rest of the clothing.

To keep your belts in line, put two nails or hooks on the wall just inside the closet.  You only need a few belts (two!!) and they will be easily accessible. 

For the purses, use slide-on shelf dividers to hold them upright, or a bookend at one end of your row of purses. 

A light, even if it’s a battery operated LED light, can make getting dressed a more pleasurable experience on those dark mornings. 

To finish bringing together your closet, I recommend putting your clothes in color order within groups.  Start with your shirts and start with white ones, move on to grey, black, and then follow the rainbow.  Depending on what colors are missing from your wardrobe (maybe yellow looks horrid on you), you may need to play with the color order to make it look right.  Just go with the order that visually looks good to you.  


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