Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 24: Organizing the Closet (Part 1)

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 24: Organizing the Closet (Part 1)

Today I’d like you to grab a piece of scratch paper.  We are going to spend 20 minutes planning where to put everything in your closet.  Sketch out a rough rectangle to represent your closet, then add in the various elements.  Do you just have a hanging rod with a shelf above it? Are there double hanging rods? Is it a walk-in? Or a completely renovated Elfa©-style closet? Once you’ve sketched those in, it’s time to plan. 

If you have a basic rod with a shelf or two above and two sliding doors setup, I’d recommend grouping pants, shirts, dresses and skirts, in that order from left to right, with bulkier items up top on the shelf in bins.  This is the setup we have at home and in my half of the closet, I have my clothes hanging as described above, with 8 pairs of shoes below on the floor; a laptop bag and 4 purses, my camera and a small bin of essential oils on the lower shelf; and 5 pairs of heels on the top shelf.  The rest of my clothing is stored in a dresser, with coats being hung in a coat closet and off-season clothing (approximately 20 items) being stored in the office closet.

If you have been blessed with Elfa©-style closets or otherwise upgraded ones, I’d like you to think about what you wear and how often. If you have drawers in the closet, this may be where you keep your sweaters.  If you hate hanging things and would rather fold, those items will also go in the drawers.  The most important thing to remember is that whatever you wear most needs to be the most accessible.  I would still recommend you group similar items together.  That way you know if there is an empty hanger in the pants section and you can’t find your favorite jeans, they are probably in the wash. 

A sample Elfa© closet organization would look like this:

Upper Hanging Bar

  • Shirts

Lower Hanging Bar

  • Pants
  • Skirts

Tall Hanging Bar

  • Dresses
  • Coats


  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Bras
  • Yoga and athletic wear

Don’t overthink this.  Just do a quick draft on your paper with what comes to mind. If it turns out it doesn’t work well, you can always rearrange later. The most important thing is to put like items together.  You don’t want shirts in two places, unless you are putting your offseason shirts somewhere else.  Personally, I’d like to get my wardrobe small enough that I don’t need to have off-season clothing in a different location.  California weather is such that most items can be worn year-round if layered. 

Also plan for where your coats will live.  If you have a coat closet, great!  If not, you’ll have to fit them in your main closet.

Done planning?  That’s it for today.  Tomorrow we’ll be rearranging your clothes to match your sketch. 


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