Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 22: Jewelry

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 22: Jewelry

Jewelry.  This was another hard one for me…I hope it will be easier for you. With myself and most of the clients I’ve worked with, jewelry has been the clothing/accessory most steeped in sentimentality.  That brooch from Grandma, the necklace from Dad, the promise ring from the high school boyfriend.  We’re going to do some creative grouping with your jewelry today.  Set that timer for 20, grab it all and lay it out on your bed. 


I want you to sort it into piles of jewelry that:

  • I will keep forever, and probably be buried in (you may already be wearing these items, so just leave them on)
  • I “should” keep forever because it was expensive, but I really don’t like
  • I “should” keep forever because it was expensive, but was given to me by an ex that I really, REALLY don’t like
  • I “should” keep forever because it was handed down as a family heirloom
  • Is costume or other “lesser” quality, but I love, but I have way too much of

So if you’re already wearing it and you love it, it’s a safe bet that that’s the jewelry you should definitely keep. 

If you feel you “should” keep it for any reason, but you don’t actually love it or wear it, it might be time for some serious contemplation.  A few questions to ask and thoughts to consider:

  • Would another family member appreciate this heirloom more?
  • Does that fact that it came from someone I no longer care about have to dictate whether or not I wear it? 
  • If it causes me pain, could I instead sell it and purchase something I do like to wear or use the money to pay off a debt?
  • Who cares what I “should” do, I hate this piece of jewelry and I’m going to sell it. 
  • Do I really need 48 costume jewelry necklaces? 
  • How many items in the costume jewelry category do I actually wear? (Think old-fashioned, bling-y costume jewelry, or any jewelry from the likes of Forever 21, Banana Republic and Francesca’s)
  • How much space do I have? If I only have a small jewelry box, I can’t keep as much as someone with an entire jewelry wardrobe case.  

Again, if there is jewelry that you don’t wear, but can’t bear to part with right now, please pack it up and put it in the garage.  Get used to wearing less, or rather being able to easily find the few items you do wear, and maybe in 6 months, it won’t be so hard to part with the excess. 


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