Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 2: Socks

Simplified 365 - Day 2: Socks

It’s time!  We are moving on and tackling your clothes.  As we move through the month, we will be going through every closet, drawer and wardrobe you keep your clothing in.  The basics will stay the same each day:  

Gather that day’s type of clothing all together from wherever it’s stored in the house, or if you have the time, gather ALL of your clothing around the house and bring it to where your closet it.  It will be easier to figure out what you want to keep once we see it all in one place.  Today we will be working on socks. Maybe you have some socks downstairs in the laundry room, some in a “missing it’s mate” sock bag, and some in your dresser.  Wherever the items are, it’s important that we gather them all in one place so we can see how many of that type of clothing item you have. 

Got it?

Let’s begin.  Set that timer for 20 minutes, grab a bag and go round up your socks.  

Once they’re all in the bag, I’d recommend dumping that bag out on your bed or floor. Wherever you’ll have room to sort and pair them. 

Now that they are all paired and any without a mate have been put in a rag bag, it’s time to figure out how many socks you need.  Your number may be very different from your spouse’s, or my number.  First, grab whatever pairs are absolute favorites, and put them to one side.  Then ask yourself a few questions  as you pare down the rest of your pairs:

  1. Do I still play the sport that requires these socks? (Soccer, hiking, golf, tennis, etc.)
  2. Do I still wear suits that go with these dress socks?
  3. How many days a week do I go to the gym and need gym socks?
  4. What socks do I find myself wearing on a daily basis? 
  5. Are these socks worn out?
  6. Do I only wear fun colored socks, but have 20 pairs of tan socks?
  7. Do I only wear black socks, but have 14 pairs of crazy socks that can go?
  8. How many days a week do I need dress socks?
  9. How many socks comfortably fit in the drawer space I have for them?
  10. How come there are so many questions about socks?

Once you’ve questioned your socks and are down to a reasonable amount, put them back in a drawer.  If they are still overflowing, you may need to whittle the down a bit more. Also keep in mind that you probably do laundry at least once a week and wear no more than 2 pairs of socks per day; that’s only 14 pairs of socks. If socks are the bane of your existence, try to stick with one color, one brand or no more than 14 pairs.  

We will come back to organizing them at the end of the month though, so if you’re overwhelmed just toss them back in a drawer. 


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