Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 17: Everyday & Fancy Shoes

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 17: Everyday & Fancy Shoes

Today we are rounding up and sorting through all of your every day shoes and fancy shoes.  Think:

  • Ballet flats
  • Pumps
  • Stilletos
  • “Athletic” shoes worn for fashion (Vans, Keds, Chucks, etc.)
  • Toms

Whatever it is that you wear everyday around the house, to work or to a formal event, grab them and set the timer for 20. 

Divide the shoes according to type and ask them these questions as you sort them into keep, toss and donate:

  • Do these hurt my feet?
  • Can I walk more than 3 feet from the car to the dinner table at a restaurant in them?
  • Do I ever actually wear these?
  • Are they my size?
  • Do they match anything I own? 
  • Did I buy these because I think I should own them (Looking at you, 5 inch platform nude pumps) 

Can you think of any other reasons you don’t absolutely love them and should let them go? Now’s the time. 

I will admit, I have a pair of walking sandals that I just don't like and I’ve contemplated taking them back to REI 7 times.  However, I always wear them “one more time” and they are just so damn comfortable that they stay in my closet. Comfort trumps cuteness. If you can rationalize something you don’t 100% love, you can keep it.  Out with the rest, and again, aim for one or two pairs of work shoes, one or two pairs of everyday shoes and one or two pairs of fancy shoes, depending on your needs. 

For shoes and any other type of clothing - if you're really not sure what you enjoy wearing, try boxing them all up and grabbing out the ones you need as you go through your week. 

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