Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 15: Dresses & Skirts

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 15: Dresses & Skirts

Time to figure out the dresses and skirts. 

Do you have a few favorites? Grab them and put them aside. 

Now let’s focus on the rest. Do they or are they:

  • Long enough?
  • In style?
  • Too short?
  • Make you happy?
  • Make you feel good?

I know we are a culture of “OMG she wore that twice!!!!!!!”, but what about saying screw that and choosing a few favorites that you love and wear often, or wear for the same event year after year? I personally have the most perfect Easter dress that I bought almost 15 years ago.  It was pink and floaty and as happy as a bouquet of flowers. I have absolutely nowhere else to wear it but to church on Easter, and that makes it fun.  I never have to stress about what to wear that day, and never once has someone come up to me and said “didn’t you wear that last year?”.  Same with my St. Patty’s Day green shirt.  Some women just have 3 dresses and those are the dresses they wear everywhere they need to wear a dress to.  Either option can help limit decision fatigue and keep you feeling great in the dresses and skirts and you do keep. 

Once you’ve sorted through all of them, bag up the donates and hang the rest in your closet. 

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