Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 12: Jeans

Simplified 365: The Clothes - Day 12: Jeans

I know. It’s California and jeans are a uniform.  If you’re not in California, this might be an easier day for you. 

Set that timer and let’s grab all of your jeans. 

Are they on the bed?

Great, grab your absolute, if the house were on fire I’d grab these, favorites and set them aside. 

Ok, time to get honest. Let’s talk about those other pairs.  You know, that one pair that promised to make your butt look great, this other pair that promised to make you skinnier and the third pair that promised to make your partner love you. But what pairs do YOU love? What pairs make YOU feel great? THOSE are the ones to keep.  

If you’re still wavering, ask these questions:

  • Do these fit?
  • Are they aspirational? (If I lose 10 pounds they will fit)
  • Are they designer jeans, but just not “you”?
  • Do they still have the tags on them?
  • Are they in style?
  • Do they make you feel good about yourself when you wear them?
  • Are they too long or too short?
  • How many pairs do you find yourself wearing each week?

Now that you’ve questioned all of your jeans and hopefully have a pile of just your favorites, think about this: if you wear the same pair 3 times per week and the other same pair 4 times per week, you may only need to 2 pairs of jeans.  Once you’re done, hang the rest back up.  

Just be honest.  The point of this is to make it feel like everything you have to wear in the morning is awesome. 


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