Papers: Week 2 - Keep or Toss?

Tax season is over, but you still have piles of papers.  It happens.  

Last week I mentioned using Scannable.  This week, I'd like to give you an exercise to do.

Your goal each day this week is to grab one overstuffed file folder, set the timer for 5 minutes, and toss like a crazy person.  

Have bags for recycling, trash and shredding next to you so you don't have to get up. 

Most people are great at discarding papers they don't need, they just don't schedule the time to do it.  So here it is. 5 minutes. Anyone can schedule 5 minutes for anything, even you, Ms. Busy.  

As for taxes, the "keep your tax documents for 7 years" mantra is not entirely true. The IRS and H&R Block summarize it nicely. Chances are, you can discard a lot more than you think. However, I must tell you to consult your tax professional when discarding tax related documents.  They are the experts, not me. ;-)


Papers: Week 1 - Scannable

Happy Tax Weekend.  

My guess is you've been swarmed with papers in the last few weeks getting ready for Tax Day. 

Well, now that the flurry is almost over, it's time to shred and scan.

If you haven't already, go download the Scannable app by Evernote.  It's free and life-changing. 

I spent last weekend scanning oodles of papers from my two drawer file cabinet (one drawer for business, one for personal).  My goal is to be paperless by the end of the year and this app is making that possible.  

I used it to scan:

  1. EOBs and briefs from my doctors 
  2. Supporting documents for taxes
  3. Recipes I'd saved 
  4. Travel articles
  5. Car maintenance records on 2 cars from the past 10 years
  6. The original credit card paper that came with the card and that has the whole card number on it (if you've ever lost a card and didn't have your full number handy, you know what a pain that can be)
  7. The travel rewards cards I'd received from Hilton, Starwood, Amtrak etc.
  8. Lots of other miscellaneous papers

When you're done scanning a document, it allows you to save it as a PDF or JPG to your camera roll, Google Drive, iBooks, email, message, etc.  The options are endless. 

If you download it and want some tips, shoot me an email.  

Happy Scanning. :)

Food: Week 3 - 3 Meals

Sometimes it's just been a long week.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  :)

So this is going to be a quickie.  

Having 3 or 4 meals that please everyone and take minimal thought and effort....that's been key for us.  JT comes home late, and I come home tired.  7 course meals aren't gonna happen.

We usually have pasta, Indian Fare from Trader Joe's, some manner of beans, rice and salad, and "oh shit, it's gonna go bad" food at least once a week. 

Pick 3 or 4 recipes that no one gets sick of, and use them early and often.  Other options may be grilled cheese, breakfast for dinner, soup, a pot roast.  Whatever floats your culinary boat, just choose those standbys and lessen the thinking and effort for dinner.  Think of it as your culinary uniform.