Breaking Bread

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Not gonna lie, I'm a born introvert.  If I need to recharge, I do it alone.  If I'm feeling down, I hide.  If I'm sick, I'd rather suffer in silence. 

In the face of an upcoming crazy holiday week, my knee jerk reaction to a dinner invitation is "eh, I'm gonna go ahead and stay in bed".  Here's the thing though...I've found that when I don't feel great and want to hibernate, the best thing for me is to be around others.  Friends, lifts me up and boosts my spirits, no matter how terrifying the prospect of being around people.  

So, my self care challenge today was to say yes to dinner.  If you are presented with the opportunity this week, before the Thanksgiving chaos, to break bread with friends and family, I urge you to do it.  If you know someone who's going to be alone on Thanksgiving, reach out to them and cook something simple like spaghetti.   If you get invited somewhere, all the better.  Less to clean up! ;-) 

We need community.  It's good for your soul.  

 PS Check out music as self-care.

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