Books: Part 2 - More Organizing Tips

Now that you've sorted through each shelf and are left with the best of the best, let's figure out what to do with them.  You could just leave them as is, or we could add a bit of pizazz. 

One of my favorite ways to do this is grouping by color.  Pull all those puppies off the shelf, start with red and put them back up in color order.  I find red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, black to be the prettiest way, but do whatever feels right to you.  The reverse of that works well too - see below.  Whatever moves you.

If the thought of not grouping by type makes you twitch, then by all means, group them by type.  You could try stacking them horizontally with a favorite tchotchke on top, grouping by color within type or at least grouping by size within type. 

If you're still feeling like you have an overwhelming number of books, consider digitizing some. Kindle books are often cheaper than print AND can be opened using the Kindle app on pretty much every device you own.  

And about all those new books you're dying to read?  You can check them out digitally from many local libraries. 


If you're wondering where to take those castoff books, your local library or Goodwill are solid bets. 

So there you go.  7 days to get rid of the books you no longer love.  And a day to design your shelves for maximum gorgeousness.