Digital Downsizing - Part 1 - Bookmarks and Friends

January!  It's finally here!  The time of blank slates and do-overs.  

If you're anything like me, your digital life gets a bit overcrowded.  I mean, what's another bookmark, friend, like, saved image, saved can't actually see them taking up space. They aren't crowding a bookshelf or piling up in the garage.  

So why downsize them a bit?  Because everything we own, be it digital or physical, asks us for our attention and takes our time as we sort through it in search of what we are looking for.  

My favorite place to start downsizing each January is with my bookmarks on my web browser. 

If you'd like to downsize a bit, open up your bookmarks manager, turn on some music and set a time for 15 minutes.  Make it a game with yourself to see how many you can delete before the buzzer goes off.  

For extra credit, repeat this step with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media you're on.  Set the timer and take 15 minutes to unfriend, unlike, unfollow anyone you haven't spoken to in real life and who doesn't add any value to your day.  Sometimes relationships hang around on life support much longer than they should.  Maybe it's time to pull the plug on "friends" that really aren't.  

Happy downsizing!