Black Friday.

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"Black Friday is the day we trample people for things we don't need, the day after being thankful for what we have." —@stevenamcqueen

Ironic isn't it?

While I don't go anymore, I do have one good memory from black Friday.  My father and I headed to Lowe's at 5am to get a ShopVac he'd had his eye on.  They were practically giving it away.  We got the vacuum and he still uses it to this day, 10 years later. But here's the thing, the prize wasn't the doorbuster deal, it was spending time with him.

My wish for today is that before heading off to stand in line you ask yourself a few questions:

Where am I going to put it?

Is it really a good deal, or is it something of inferior quality?

What is the true cost of this item if you add in the time it takes to get it, the stress of waiting in line, the interest you'll pay if you put it on a credit card and the effort it will take to eventually dispose of it?

Is it something you need or at least have wanted for a long time?

Is it something that's filling a void that could be better filled by going for a walk or watching a funny movie?

Instead of buying more stuff, could you spend the money on someone in need?

Could you create a memory with a loved one instead?   


Be strong out there! xo

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