Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 8: The Laundry (Part 3: Organize)

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 8: The Laundry (Part 3: Organize)

Today is the fun part: actually organizing the laundry area! 

At this point, you should be pared down to a single detergent, fabric softener and bleach.  Go ahead and grab them off the shelf, along with anything else that was left on it yesterday.  For most homes, this will be either a shelf above the washer and dryer or a cabinet above or next to them.  Once the shelves are empty, wipe them down with a cleaning rag, then just put back the 3 items (detergent, softener and bleach).  If you’ve yet to convert to dryer balls, put your dryer sheets up there as well.  The only other item that should live here is a small bag of delicates bags if you use them.  I personally use a cute cosmetics bag to contain my delicates bags.  

Yep, that’s it.  Laundry organized. It’s easy when you’re only dealing with a few items!

A few tips:

Decant Into Smaller Containers: If you only have a small shelf or cabinet to put your laundry items on, consider storing the large containers in the garage or wherever you have room, and using those large containers to refill smaller versions that actually live in your laundry room.  You can even decant powdered detergent into a cute glass jar.  On our shelf, I have a small bleach bottle that I removed the label from.  It now looks less busy, and takes up less space than the larger gallon size I keep in the garage.  

Sorting Laundry:  Here is where having two laundry baskets can come in handy.  We keep two stacked inside of each other, and when the top one is full, I take them both to the laundry room.  After unstacking them, I can sort the clothing into whites and colors.  Usually there are enough colored clothing items to do a load, plus a few whites.  I keep the whites in the laundry basket, stack it back with the second one, and put them back into the closet until the next time the basket gets full.  I generally don’t do more detailed sorting than that as doing so overwhelms me and then laundry doesn’t get done; it’s all about figuring out what works for you.

Laundry Flow: Now that your laundry area is decluttered, and you only have the items you need in there, it’s time to focus on putting the laundry away. There aren’t any magic systems to make this happen.  This comes down to being a habit, so I need you to treat it as such.  When you finish washing a load, dry it immediately.  When it’s dry, put it away immediately.  That’s it. 

Other Storage: If you have a full laundry room with storage, and you didn’t declutter it yesterday, please finish that today.  Take anything that doesn’t belong in the laundry room and put it back in it’s proper place.  Toss any trash or junk that’s accumulated and wipe down the shelves.  Some people’s laundry room is also a mudroom where they store shoes and children’s backpacks.  If this is the case, contain your shoes to one shoe rack (2 pairs of shoes per person) and install hooks to hang each child’s backpack on.  This can go a long way towards keeping things orderly. 


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