Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 5: The Floor

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 5: The Floor

The floor is not a storage unit.  Repeat after me, I will not store things directly on the floor.  

Let’s start by gathering anything and everything that is directly on the floor, other than furniture and clothing, and putting it all on the bed.  You may want to put a sheet down on your bed to protect it from dust.  Once everything’s on the bed, sort and put like items together; toss anything that’s broken or useless and donate anything you just don’t want anymore.  Put all of the clothing that was on the floor, if any, over in one pile off to the side, preferably in a laundry basket.  We will tackling laundry tomorrow. 

When trying to decide what to keep, ask these questions:

  • When was the last time I used it?
  • Do I even like this?
  • Is this useful or beautiful in the bedroom?
  • Does looking at this item make me happy or relaxed?
  • Does this item have a home elsewhere in the house?

Now that you’ve sorted and have your keepers, think about where you would like to store them.  Maybe there are magazines and books that you read in bed.  Having a basket for those can keep them neat and up off the floor.  I personally have a crate in my room that houses my in-process paperwork, as well as pens, a notebook or two and a couple of books and magazines I’m currently reading.  The crate keeps everything together, and off the floor. It also provides me with a visual cue that if it’s starting to overflow, it’s time to sort through it and recycle things. Ideally, I would’t have work related paperwork in the bedroom, but I currently don’t have an office, so I try to at least keep the paperwork tucked down in the crate out of sight when not in use.  

What you have on your floor will vary with your needs.  In addition to the crate, we keep extra blankets in a basket on the floor.  The basket has kept them orderly and within easy reach, while also being aesthetically pleasing.  Finally, John’s guitar stand, a plant, a wastebasket and an air purifier round out the rest of the floor dwellers. Maybe you’ll need a basket for your exercise clothing because you know if it’s tucked away in a drawer, you won’t see, won’t wear it and won’t work out.  Having it out and accessible helps you.  I don’t know. Your needs will vary.  All I ask is that you keep the things on your floor to a minimum as that will make the room lighter, airier, calmer and easier to clean. 

Move any other items that don’t belong in the bedroom on back to their homes elsewhere in the house and dispose of any trash or recycling.  I’ll see you tomorrow to start in on the laundry. 


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