Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 4: The Dresser

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 4: The Dresser

The dresser? Again? Well, last month we focused on the inside, so today we are focusing on the top. I want you to grab everything from the top of your dresser, and any other flat surface (other than your bedside tables) and put it all on the bed. Now grab a cleaning rag and wipe down the tops of said furniture as well as all of the stuff that is now on your bed.  


Great, now let’s go through the things on your bed.  Sort it into:

  • Toss/Donate
  • Keep in the bedroom 
  • Keep elsewhere in the house

As you’re deciding what to keep and toss, keep in mind that in the bedroom we want things that are:

  • Beautiful
  • Relaxing
  • Calming
  • Uplifting
  • Useful

Now, that you’ve pared down, let’s look at the “keep in bedrooms” so we can decide where to put them. 

If it’s something you use everyday and you liked where it was living, put it back there.  Maybe that’s a box of tissue on the TV stand or a bottle of lotion and a jewelry box on top of your dresser.  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your bedroom, I’d caution you to exercise restraint when putting your decor items back.  If you absolutely must keep them all, get a box to put in the closet and keep at least half of those items in that box.  You can rotate new ones out into your room to replace the others as you get board.  Think of it as shopping your own decor store.  

These items also seem to get dusty relatively quickly.  If you suffer from allergies, it may behoove you to not have as many dust catchers in a room you’ll be spending at least a third of your day in. 

In our bedroom, the TV and accoutrement live on top of my dresser, in the closet, generally unplugged and out of sight. We have 2 shelves that I have a few plants, candles, and shells on.  In the closet, I have a small floating shelf that I keep some inspirational items on. I can still see them if I wish, but otherwise they are hidden and not adding to the visual clutter of the room.  Finally, we have 2 framed pieces of art on the wall, as well as an elephant head shelf from a friend, topped with an agate candle holder from another friend; a rosary from the Vatican hangs from it’s nose.   John’s guitar and stand, as well as a trash can, a plant and an air purifier wrap up the rest of what’s on the floor.  The important thing is that each of these items are ones we’re happy to see each day. They aren’t stressful or overwhelming.

What will you keep on your floor? 


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