Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 28: Lipsticks & Balms

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 28: Lipsticks & Balms

To wrap up our days spent organizing makeup, let’s look at lipsticks, lip glosses and balms. Gather them all together on your bed or bathroom floor and sort into these piles:

  • Daily or weekly use

  • Special occasion use

  • Never used

  • Old and crusty

If any of the following statements pop into your mind while sorting, then that item should go:

  • I don’t remember buying this color.

  • Ew, this is crusty!

  • I can't believe I bought this color!

I’d recommend adding any of your daily use items to the makeup bag you created yesterday.  Ideally only one or two shades, then add any special use lipsticks to the special occasion makeup bag.  Done? Great.  What’s left? If there are still mountains of lipsticks, again, I’d recommend adding them to the rest of your eye makeup you boxed up yesterday and leaving it in there for a week or two.  I bet you won’t even miss it, but if you do, you can email me and tell me all about it. 

Another way to look at it is that you’re creating a signature look with a few key ingredients.  If you know that you feel best in nude eyeshadows with a black eyeliner and a natural lip, make that your go-to look.  No more trying to figure out if it’s a green eyeshadow kind of day, deciding that it is, and then feeling like people are staring because you’ve done something different.  They probably aren’t, but why stress yourself out?


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