Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 22: Hair Styling Tools

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 22: Hair Styling Tools

Hello, there!  Today we are gathering up all of our hair styling tools. Think:

  • Curling iron

  • Blow dryer

  • Flat Iron

  • Crimper (?!)

  • Electric brush

Have them all together?  Great!  You know the drill.  Let’s get them into 3 piles: keep, recycle, donate.  Are your tools:

  • Broken?

  • Damaged?

  • Unused?

  • Loved?

  • Duplicates?

 If they are broken, Scrap metal recyclers will often take broken hair appliances to be recycled.  Goodwill will take the unused and duplicates and now we should be left with one (or none!) of each type of appliance.  If you are just sick of styling your hair, and love it’s air-dried look, maybe now’s the time to ditch the styling tools.  

To organized these, consider hanging the tools inside a cabinet, using a bin to contain them all or having one drawer dedicated to storing them. I keep my hair dryer, flat iron, a brush only used for blow drying and some heat protectant spray all together in a bin on my shelf.  How you arrange them will be up to the space you’re working with, but the most important thing is to keep them all together.  That will simplify your routine and allow you to always know where they are. 


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