Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 21: Hair Accessories

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 21: Hair Accessories

Today I’d like you to set the timer for 20 minutes and gather all of your hair accessories into one place.  Group like items together:

  • Hair clips

  • Rubber bands

  • Scissors

  • Combs

  • Brushes

  • Clippers

  • Headbands

  • Hair ties

  • Bobby pins

Once you have them all in one place, it’s time to sort into keep, toss and donate.  Ask yourself these questions as you’re sorting:

  • Do I use this?

  • Do I need 20 of these?

  • Do I have a favorite?

  • Is this even mine?

  • Could someone else use this?

  • Do I like this?

  • Does this need to be cleaned?

  • Is this beyond cleaning?

Ideally, you’ll have 1 or 2 brushes, a few clips and hair bands, and 1 or 2 of the other items you need.  To keep them organized, designate one spot for all of your hair items.  Maybe it’s a drawer or a basket, it matters not, as long as they are together.  This will cut down on “I know I have it somewhere”. 

Tomorrow we will tackle our hair styling tools!


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