Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 20: Hair Potions

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 20: Hair Potions

Now that the shampoo and conditioner are tamed, let’s move on to the hair potions.  

  • Mousse

  • Hair spray

  • Heat protectant

  • Smoothing Balm

  • Anti-frizz serum

  • Gel

Gather them all on your counter or bathroom floor, grab a recycling bag and let’s sort them. 

First, put your favorites to the side; the ones you use on a weekly basis.  Next grab any that you know are old and crusty and toss them in a recycle bag.  Move on to the rest.  Are you keeping them just because you paid good money for them? Or because the latest issue of Glamour said it would make your hair look like a Kardashian’s? Think about how digging through all of these potions affects your morning routing.  Do you have to move things aside and dig in deep?  Can you even find what you “know you have in here somewhere”? What’s more important?  Having a big selection, or having an easy hair care routine? If you’re stressed out, I’d go for the latter.  

Once you’ve finished, keep them all in one drawer, basket or bin on top of your counter.  I only use potions if I’m heat styling my hair, so I keep that in a bin with my hair dryer and flat iron.  What makes the most sense for your space? 


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