Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 18: Towels

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 18: Towels

Today we’re going to dig out all of the towels laying around your master bath.  Think hand towels, wash clothes, body towels and cleaning rags.  Set that timer for 20 and gather them all now.  Place them on your bed and begin to divide them into a few groups:

  • Keep

  • Keep, but not in here

  • Donate

  • Recycle (at Goodwill)

When you’re sorting, keep a few things in mind.  First of all, it’s totally possible to have just one towel per person.  Personally, we have 6 towels and tend to use them all as guests frequently stay the night and I just have a thing for looking at fluffy towels; reminds me of being at a pool.  If you never have guests, consider one or two per person.  Going with a nice white can give you that spa feel at home, and going with your favorite color can give you a visual lift at shower time.  I would gently urge you to consider letting go of any more than 6 towels though.  

Moving on to washcloths, I’d take a look at your weekly washcloth habits.  Some people use one every evening and I can understand the “ick” factor of using a damp one several nights in a row.  If that’s your situation, I’d say having 7 is great, because on that 7th day, hopefully you’re doing laundry.  If you’re a once in a while type, you could get away with fewer.  

Hand towels.  I know a lot of people love to have matching sets, and if that’s you, and the number of towels isn’t impeding the closing of cabinets or otherwise making you crazy, then keep them.  If you’re feeling overrun, I’d recommend paring down to 2 or 3 favorite towels you love.  I used 2 for a very long time and never needed extra, although I was gifted a 3rd that was too cute to let go of.  

Rag piles seem to grow as towels age, but don’t seem “bad enough” to recycle.  Suddenly, the 2 rags turns into 20 and the cabinets won’t close.  Think about your weekly cleaning habits and how many rags you need.  Someone with indoor pets or toddlers (sort of the same thing?!), would probably need a few more rags around than the average bachelor.  Consider keeping a small bin’s worth, and if the bin is overflowing, it’s time to recycle some. 

Once you’ve pared the rags down, it’s time to give them a home.  Some people do better keeping everything in a central linen closet, some people like having the extra towels live in the bathroom they are used in.  Either one is right, and comes down to habit.  If you find yourself leaving them in the bathroom, fine.  Clear a shelf.  If you find yourself craving one central location, move them all there.  

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