Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 16: Lighting

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 16: Lighting

We want to keep a few things in mind as we sort through the lighting in the room. This may not feel like organizing or decluttering, but lighting is one of the key ingredients in how you’ll feel in your space.  Take a minute to think about your current lighting situation. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there enough light?

  • Do I have a reading light?

  • Is there soft, relaxing lighting?

  • Are there specific areas where I constantly wish I had more light?

  • Are any lightbulbs in need of replacing?

  • Are the lightbulbs dirty?

  • Do I even like the lighting that’s in here?

Now think about the lighting you do or don’t have.  Most people could benefit from a:

  • Task lamp

  • Overhead lamp

  • Bedside table reading lamp

  • Romantic light like LED “fairy lights

  • Candle or two (LED or regular)

Once you’ve thought about your needs, it’s time to look around the room and see what’s fitting and what’s not. Maybe the lampshades are cracked and dirty and it’s time time to get new ones.  Maybe the lighting is great.  Maybe you just need to clean the lamps and lightbulbs.  Take 20 minutes and work on this. Donate what’s not working, clean what needs to be cleaned, and if you decide to get new lamps, World Market and Target have fashionable, inexpensive ones to suit many tastes.  If anything, spend $6 on some fairy lights and a couple of candles, place them in your room, light them up, crawl in bed with a good book and let the relaxation begin!


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