Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 15: Electronics

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 15: Electronics

Welcome to the modern age.  We can’t get away from electronics, but by now the research is in.  We should limit our exposure to electronics before bedtime (or anytime we want to relax).  In an era where Americans spend an average of 11 hours a day “plugged in” to devices, that’s getting increasingly difficult.  

There are numerous reasons to not have electronics in the bedroom, as they:

  • Are a distraction

  • Emit EMFs

  • Make us think about work rather than relaxation

  • Disturb our sleep

  • Make the space look cluttered

  • Take time away from relationships

So how should one do that in their bedroom?  I personally keep our TV in a closet, unplugged.  It’s only plugged in and turned on when we are going to watch something.  The rest of the time it’s off. We also limit how much before bed TV we watch to a couple of times a week.  That way it feels more like a treat.  Having it behind closed doors limits the temptation to binge watch Riverdale, and it looks nicer not having a giant black screen taking up space in the room.  If we weren’t sharing a house, we’d just have our TV in the living room as we did in our old place and not even have one in the bedroom.  

As for my cell phone and laptop, I generally try to charge them in a different room to limit my amount of EMF exposure.  Radiation can’t be good for sleep habits, just sayin’ (and science backs me up).  If you absolutely must keep electronics in your room, consider keeping them in your bedside table.  The wood drawer won’t block radiation, but it will attenuate (lessen) the amount of EMF radiation reaching you.  EMF shields can also lessen the exposure.  Keeping your cell phone in an EMF blocking pouch will still allow it to be used as an alarm clock, while lessening it’s impact on your health and sleep.  

Other electronics I often find in bedrooms are e-readers, gaming consoles and wifi routers.  If at all possible, consider moving the routers and gaming consoles to the living room and storying your e-reader in your bedside table, keep it turned off when not in use.  

If there are any other electronic devices in your room, now’s the time to gather them up, figure out what you really need and move the rest to the donation bin.  Goodwill will recycle old electronics for you.  They will also take any old VHS tapes and DVDs.  If a dusty collection of those is in your room, now’s the time to send them packing.  


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