Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 14: Wall Hangings

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 14: Wall Hangings

Today we are going to focus on all of the art hanging on your bedroom walls.  I’ve noticed more and more gallery walls and art collections in bedrooms in recent years, but I’ve also had more clients tell me how frustrated they are with their master bedrooms and what a huge stressor it is to them.  Maybe there’s a correlation? 

So let’s try to thin the herd.  First look around your room.  How do you feel when you look at the stuff on the walls?

  • Do you still love the items?

  • Is your family staring down at you while you sleep?

  • Are the prints faded?

  • Is everything dusty?

  • Do you really notice any of the individual pieces or are they all just a blur now?

  • Have your tastes changed?

 Grab everything off your walls, and give the walls a quick wipe down with a duster.  After piling all of the artwork on your bed, sort it into 3 groups:

  • Keep

  • Keep, but not in here

  • Donate

Now let’s plan where to put the keepers.  Ideally you have either one larger piece on a larger wall, or a small grouping of 3 or 5 pieces.  In our space, we have 2 pieces of art, on two different walls and an elephant head shelf on a 3rd that we keep a candle holder on. Having just two pieces of art allows us to really appreciate and notice them; the oil painting of a beach scene was purchased from a local artist at a coffee shop in Santa Cruz and the other is 2 framed postcards from Hawaii; both add to our vacation-y, jungle-y vibe. The elephant head shelf is white, so it blends into the background a bit, but the candle on it casts a nice warm glow in the evening; both the shelf and the candle holder were gifts from friends, so we are reminded of them when we look at it. 

Go forth and decorate.  Post a photo on Instagram using #Simplified365 and let me see what you come up with!


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