Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 13: Decorative Items

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 13: Decorative Items

Although we talked a bit about decorative items earlier in the month, I’d like to address them again.  Most bedrooms seem to have so many decorative items in them, that it’s hard to focus. We want the decor in here to be conducive to rest and relaxation.  

In our bedroom, we have plants, candles, artwork, a guitar and a few other things; not a typical bare “minimalist” room by any means.  That being said, everything brings us joy to look at and makes us feel like we are in our own little jungalow.  

Whatever you keep in here, I ask that it makes you happy, not stressed, to look at it. If a lot of things fall under that category, consider having a bin for the extras.  You can keep that bin in your closet and shop it, rather than Home Goods, when you want something different in your room. 

To begin, gather all decor items, except for things on the walls, and bring them over to your bed.  Once you’ve done that, sort them into 3 piles.  

  • I love this, but not in the bedroom

  • I love this in the bedroom and it makes me feel good to see it

  • I don’t love this anymore

Let’s move the “not in the bedroom” pieces back to their respective rooms, and put the “don’t love anymore” items into a donation bag.  Done? Great.  Now let’s look at the ones you love.  How many are there? Just the right amount? So many that just looking at them on your bed reminds you of being in an aisle at Home Goods? Let’s figure out what to keep out and what to put away in your “extras” bin in the closet.  Grab each item, one at a time, and see how you feel when you hold it.  If you feel a little buzz, a little big of joy, look around your room and consider where to place it.  Things look best when grouped in odd numbers and less always looks more curated than more.  Think Rodeo Drive boutiques vs. Ross. Go through each item in this manner, and put out about half as many items as you are inclined too.  If you want more stuff out, you can always put it back later.  


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