Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 12: Office Equipment

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 12: Office Equipment

Much like exercise equipment, office equipment in the bedroom can rob us of peace and tranquility.  It calls to us and says get to work! Well, that’s a great thing to have in the office, but not when we’re trying to fall asleep.  If office equipment and work features prominently in your bedroom, today’s the day to clean it out. 

You don’t need to sort anything in your actual office if you have one, just any office stuff that’s in your bedroom.  We’ll spend next month tackling the actual office and paperwork.  If you feel like you have too much office stuff in your bedroom to sort in one day, you can wait until next month.  Just try to gather it all into a box or three and put them in the corner so there’s less stuff spread out. 

Let’s scan the room and gather everything office or work related onto the bed.  If you have an actual desk and office area in your bedroom, then just bring any loose items over there. 

With our goal in mind of not having anything work related in the bedroom (sleep and sex only!), let’s ask the stuff a few questions:

  • Do I ever actually sit at this desk or on my bed doing work?

  • If I do, is there another alternative?

  • Can I hide my office stuff in a bin or basket in the closet, rather than having it out?

  • Is there another room that could be used as an office?

  • Is there another shelf elsewhere I could store my office supplies on?

  • Do I really need all of these office supplies? (No!)

  • Could I pare my office supplies down to one 16qt bin? (Yes!)

  • Could I take my extras to my kid’s school or to my workplace?

  • Do I use this huge printer/scanner/fax/teleporter machine?

  • Are these items duplicates of what I have over in a separate office?

  • Do I need more than one (or even one?) stapler, hole puncher, ruler, pair of scissors, etc.?

The bottom line is to try to pare down and donate as much as possible, then move the rest of a hidden closet shelf or different room.

If you don’t have any office or work related stuff in your bedroom, you can sort schoolwork (yours or the kids’) or finish up any area you’re behind on.  If you’re caught up, just take the day off, or give the decorative items a once over. We’ll focus on those tomorrow.  


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