Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 10: Linens

Simplified 365: The Bedroom - Day 10: Linens

Today we will be pulling together all of your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets for the master bedroom.  Set that timer for 20 and gather them all up.  Let’s put them on the bed to be sorted into piles.  The piles should be:

  • Sheets I use

  • Sheets I don’t use

  • Pillowcases and shams I use

  • Pillowcases and shams I don’t use

  • Winter blankets

  • Summer blankets

  • Blankets I don’t use

I’m pretty sure you know what to do with the items you’re not using.  Time to donate them; local animal shelters are often thrilled to take bedding off your hands. 

Sheets: The goal is to have 2 sets for your bed.  If you’re into flannel, have one flannel set and one regular set.  The extra set can live either in a linen closet if you’re lucky enough to have one, or in a basket on the shelf of your main clothes closet (this is where I keep mine). When the sheets are dirty, you just wash them and put them directly back on the bed.  If you really must make up the bed immediately, you can use the second set, but don’t let the wash pile up. 

Pillowcases: Have one set that’s on your pillows and one extra set.  If you have 2 pillows on your bed, you’ll have 4 pillowcases total.  If you have 4 pillows on your bed, have 8 cases total.  This will give you plenty of extras in case guests come and need a fresh pillowcase.  If you never have guests, maybe just keep 2 extra pillowcases on hand.  

Pillow Shams: Just keep the 2 that match your comforter.  If you have 2 comforters, you’ll have 4 shams.  

Comforters: If you have 3 comforters, maybe it’s time to question why you have so many.  Regardless, it’s time to donate any you haven’t used in the past 6 months.  If your shelf or linen closet is overflowing, it’s also time to pare down to what fits neatly inside.  We have one down comforter with one duvet cover and have been getting along just fine.  You can change up the look a bit with accent blankets at the foot of the bed if you get bored. 

Accent Blankets: The appropriate number to keep is the number you use.  We have about 8 blankets, but we 4 daily, and the rest often when we have guests.  The amount of storage room you have will also dictate how many blankets you keep.  We personally have 3 blankets we keep in a basket on the floor.  This storage basket keeps them neat and reachable.  

Well, that’s it for linens…see you tomorrow!


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