Whacking Balls

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Ok...maybe that doesn't sound too soothing...or maybe you're still giggling.  BUT, let me say, this was a super zen activity that I hope you try. 

$7 for 70 balls at the driving range.  That's cheaper than a movie and wow...I am sore today.  Yes, I'm writing this on Monday because I was having too much fun hanging out with  my in-laws (seriously!) to go type something on a computer.  I was going to blow off this Sunday post anyway (bad Kat!), but this was just too much fun not to write about. 

My dear Mom in law took me to the driving range while JT helped put up their Christmas lights.  It's been about 7 years since I've been to one of those and my golf game is anything but par.  That being said, the aspect of trying to get a really long, very thin stick to hit a very, very small ball can either be infuriating or enlightening.  I chose enlightening.  And the weirdest thing was that when I didn't overthink it, but just took a breath, focused on the ball, and swung, I knocked it pretty far out.  When I overthought, held on too tight to the handle and didn't breathe...well, I almost nailed a fellow driver.  I didn't know the balls could bounce backwards like that.  

Ties to life? I think there are many.  

Take a breath, hold on loosely and let it happen. 

If you can't make it to a driving range this week, choose something that requires single tasking.  Something that takes your entire focus.  Maybe this is listening to your kid tell a story.  Maybe it's baking a cake.  Maybe weeding your garden...assuming you're in California and not covered in snow at the moment.  

Whatever it is, take the time to elevate the ordinary to zen.  

PS Self care STILL isn’t selfish.

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