Love and Baking

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Well, I'm out in Lodi with family, a fire is burning in the wood stove, the wind is rustling and it's threatening to sprinkle a bit more.  I'd say fall is definitely here.  

On days like today, I used to love to bake something. Then I worked as a cook and stayed the hell out of my own kitchen for the following decade.  I'm just now dusting off my mixing bowls and measuring cups...or in this case, Mom's.

My goal is to reclaim the magic that comes from mixing simple ingredients together, popping them in the over and having something altogether different (and delicious!) emerge.  

I invite you to join me.  I don't care if it's a package of Betty Crocker "just add an egg"  cookies or a recipe you found in a battered old cookbook.  Just promise me you'll bake something today.   There is something so primal and satisfying in cooking something.  About knowing you have the power to create something to feed yourself.  And that something may as well be a bit sugary and delicious!  Your kids will love you for it.  

 PS Speaking of food, do you plan your meals?

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