The $2,500 Website

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So approximately 12 years ago, I googled “” and it was available.  dI didn’t buy it right then. When I went back the next day, and it was unavailable. So I bought “” because, haha, .org for organizing. But I was pissed. And the damn bot had my domain name. 

Fast forward 12 years later, I plunked down $2,500 for MY freakin’ .com domain name. 

Maybe you can learn from my lesson. Most domains are under $20 to purchase. If you think of a great name/idea/store/etc. BUY THE DAMN DOMAIN. You will only pay more in the future. And if, by this time next year, you’re so over that name, you’re only out $20. Let it go so its rightful owner can have it. Your domain will come. To be clear, I’ve just sort of laughed at this over the years and said “hey, when the time is right, I’ll snag it”. I didn’t beat myself up for a decade over it. BUT, if I can save you a decade and some $$$, then hey! Great!

BUT, if, a year later, your business website is up and running and you only spent $20 for the URL. You’re welcome, you can buy me a beer.

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