We work on the Peninsula, as well as San Francisco and Lodi.  San Jose and East Bay by referral. 


Step 1.  Choose It - all clients start with an initial session.  If we're a good fit, we figure out what package best suits yours needs.

Step 2.  Pay For It - all sessions are prepaid

Step 3.  Book It - and relax....things are about to get a whole lot better!

New Client Initial Session  |  1 session |  $399

***All new clients start here***

You called, I answered.  We had a great chat on the phone, but now let's really get to know each other.  We'll spend the first  20 to 30 minutes walking through your space and getting an overview and the rest of the 5 hours getting down and dirty.

We are going to focus on clearing the clutter by sorting and discarding.   OR, if you've already decluttered, we'll go room by room and come up with organizing strategies.

At the end of this session, we will discuss what package, if any,  you need. 

Initial 5 hour session  |  Payment due BEFORE session | Book Your Session


Finished with your initial session, but still need a helping hand? Choose from the variety of options below to help continue your journey to simplicity.  


Time Flies  |  1 Session | $299

Perfect for a tuneup on a small area. Time will fly as we get in, get out and you get on with your day.  3 hours.  Anyone can do that.  A single 5 hour session "Quick and Not So Dirty" is also available.

One 3 hour session |  Payment due BEFORE session | Book Your Session


Skeletons In the Closet  |  2 sessions  |  $699

You could close the door to the messy room, plop down on the couch,  zone out to the TV and take a rest.  Or you can invest in making a big, huge, phenomenal change in your space and your life.   The clutter didn't creep in in a day, and it's going to take a few to get it out.  

Let's dive in and start sorting, discarding and organizing today! 

Two 5 hour sessions  |  save $200 |  Full payment due BEFORE first session | Book Your Session


Home Wasn’t Built In a Day  |  4 sessions |  $1299

I know, you were organized, but then you moved into a fabulous new house, were promoted at work, became head of the PTA and adopted a stray kitten…basically leaving you zero time to keep your space clear and organized. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.

And that’s where this package comes in.  The underlying organization system you used to have is probably still there, but let's be honest, most of us have a bunch of crap, so the bulk of the time will be spent decluttering.  From there we'll see what tweaks we can make to help you stay organized going forward.  

Four 5 hour sessions  |  save $500 |   Full payment due BEFORE first session | Book Your Session


Clean, Green & Serene  |  45 min. Coaching Call  |  $99*

Bring on your questions!  

Cleaning?  Greening?  Organizing?  Decluttering? Where to get rid of items? Hazmat pickup? What to do with heirlooms? Sell vs. Donate? Natural cleaning, bath and beauty products?

I'll share my tips and tricks in this one on one phone session, we will get to the bottom of the clutter problem, or we can walk through organizing one room, step by step.  After working with over 300 clients, I can quickly help you figure out where you're stuck and why the clutter won't quit.  

Includes pre-session email and post session action plan.  

*Or $349 for one month of coaching (4 calls)  

1 OR 4 sessions  |  Full payment due BEFORE first session | Email to book your session






The Fine Print:

Phone Consultation: FREE

All sessions start at 10am and end at 3:00pm.

All sessions must be redeemed within a year of purchase. 

No travel fees.    

Free haul away of donations...I have a Mustang, but it can fit a LOT of stuff.

Cancellation Policy: The Simplified Life requires a cancellation notice 48 hours prior to your session, or your session and all monies paid for it shall be forfeited. Last minute cancellations are disruptive to business and unfair to other clients who have been waiting for sessions. Thank you for understanding. 

Payment Options: Cash or Credit (a great chance to rack up reward points with your credit card!)

*Travel restrictions: Kat  works in San Francisco,  on the peninsula between Daly City and Palo Alto, and in Lodi, CA.  She partners with Amy Hawkins of Take Charge Organize to cover the South Bay/San Jose area and with Kiera Rain of Bay Area Professional Organizer to service the East Bay area.  Please email Kat for a referral to Amy or Kiera.

Unused Sessions: If you have unused sessions at the end of a project, you may save them for a follow-up  (recommended!) or gift them to a friend.